Build your model for leading change book


A Guided Workbook to Catalyze Clarity and Confidence in Leading Yourself and Others


In our complex and ever-evolving world, change is inevitable. But knowing how to lead
change is a different matter entirely.

Are you ready to make change happen — without burnout or exhaustion?


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This powerful workbook is designed to help you uncover and develop your own actionable model for leading sustainable, meaningful change — for yourself, your team, and your organization.

  • Define a clear vision for how you believe change happens so you can show up with intention, purpose, and transparency.
  • Deepen your self-awareness to understand your impact on interpersonal and group dynamics.
  • Develop a working understanding of how your core behavior patterns and beliefs affect your leadership style, work relationships, and life.
Filled with insights, examples, and guidance, Build Your Model for Leading Change invites you into a powerful journey of personal growth that will have a direct impact on your ability to successfully lead others — and show up more fully in every sphere of your life.


1. A guided process for uncovering and developing the three core models that sit behind your Model for Leading Change:

  • Your personal Behavioral Model
  • Your Model for Leadership
  • Your Model for Living

2. An empowering framework for
deepening your self-awareness and
understanding your impact on others.

The Build Your Model for Leading Change workbook is the foundational text in the Leading Change Workbook series and a a cornerstone text for anyone seeking to grow in their leadership.

Are you ready to expand your skills and capacity so you can confidently lead change?


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The Build Your Model for Leading Change workbook is designed to guide your personal journey into clear, confident, effective leadership. But:

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  • This powerful workbook is designed to uncover and your model for leading sustainable, meaningful change — for yourself, your team, and your organization.
  • Define a clear vision for how you believe change happens so you can show up with intention, purpose, and transparency.
  • Deepen your self-awareness to understand your impact on interpersonal and group dynamics.

“What if the path to leadership success is not implementing the next promising process or acquiring the next must-have skill? What if it is already inside you but hidden away? Let this insightful workbook help you uncover YOUR model for leadership and reveal your reliable path to success.”

Lyssa Adkins

Agility & Leadership Coach, author Coaching Agile Team

This Workbook is for you if you are Struggling with:

  • A leadership role that is stretching you beyond your current capabilities and you’re not sure where to focus.
  • A team or organization that wants change — and you’ve been tasked to make it happen.
  • Team can’t agree on rules, responsibilities, outcomes, and strategies.
  • Feeling like there is only so far you can go in your current role.

Stick with the Guided Process Laid Out in this Workbook, and you will:

  • Develop clarity, purpose, and vision for yourself and others.
  • Step confidently into your leadership role and ignite change that lasts.
  • See how leading change is intertwined with every aspect of our lives.
  • Understand leadership and leading change from a process and behavioral lens.
  • Have clarity about where you want to grow and what’s not for you.

If you have ever felt uncertain, stuck, or stretched beyond your current capabilities, this book is for you.

Meet Marsha Acker


MARSHA ACKER, CPCC, PCC, CPF, is the host of the Defining Moments of Leadership podcast, the founder and CEO of TeamCatapult, and the author of the groundbreaking book The Art and Science of Facilitation.

Marsha is known internationally as a facilitator of meaningful conversations, a host of dialogue, and a passionate agilest. Through her keynotes, books, workshops, and leadership coaching, she empowers leaders around the world to show up authentically in their lives and work — and to grow their leadership range so they can create sustainable, intentional, and positive impact. Drawing on systems thinking, structural dynamics, agility, and over 25 years’ experience in the field helping leaders and teams collaborate and align, she developed Build Your Model for Leading Change to support those stepping into new leadership roles and responsibilities.

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Tune in today with the DEFINING MOMENTS OF LEADERSHIP Podcast Mini-Series on Leading Change with Marsha Acker.

 These episodes offer inspiring stories and tangible lessons from leaders refining their own models for leadership.

Gain momentum in your own journey as you listen to these powerful examples of turning the theory of model-building into practice — and why it’s the most important work you can engage in as a leader today.

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“Marsha has gone where few others would dare to go with her book on model building for leading change. Marsha builds on David Kantor’s model building, which at best is transformative and at worst baffling; by blending her knowledge and experience in David’s work with insights and wisdom from other quarters, Marsha has made building a model for leading change accessible to anyone who is interested in doing this important work. You will never feel ‘on your own’ as Marsha guides you through your journey.”


Leadership and Organisational Coach & Consultant

Leading Change


Marsha Acker’s signature keynote is a game-changer for leaders and organizations ready to create lasting change. 

At the heart of this powerful event sits one deceptively simple concept: that the single greatest catalyst for change is the way we hold conversations.

So much of what we seek in business comes down to how we are or are not engaging in effective, skillful conversations. When we learn to be more intentional about how we invite, cultivate, participate, and facilitate conversations, we can skillfully navigate any challenge in order to produce effective outcomes.

  • Recognize and navigate the four core domains of conversation
  • Deepen interactions, explore problems, and engage with potential
    solutions more dynamically
  • Make a radical difference in how your team works together andwhat outcomes they achieve

REAL change happens when we tap into the full potential of our people, so here’s the question: What if you could lead change in a way that actually works — that feels easier, more impactful, and more empowering?